Memories of Holloway Prison

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Islington Museum is asking for community contributions to its latest project – Echoes of Holloway Prison, which will investigate London’s last women’s prison through the stories of its inmates, staff and the local community.

Until its closure in May 2016, Holloway Prison was largest women’s prison in Europe, holding up to 450 inmates including both adult women and young offenders. Converted to a female-only establishment in 1902, the prison has housed women from all over Britain, including many suffragettes in the early 1900s.

The Museum, led by curator Roz Currie, is reaching out to the public to ask for their contributions – and their stories. Anything, small or large, would be considered.

The project, funded by a £73,700 award from the Heritage Lottery Fund, will also work with local volunteers and ex-prisoners, who will receive training in transferable skills such as research, documentation and using archives, blogging and web publication as part of the project, to help them tell their stories.

The exhibition at Islington Museum is planned for the summer, as well as a series of pop-up exhibits to tour libraries and local community centres.

If you have objects or photos from Holloway Prison you would consider donating, or have stories you would like to share please email Roz.

More information on the Echoes of Holloway Prison project.

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