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Novo Moda is a men’s fashion retail and wholesaler on Fonthill Road. We spoke to Nasser about the ups and downs of the fashion trade and his enduring passion for handing out sartorial advice to anyone dressing for a big occasion.

 “I moved my business here from the West End 12 years ago. Like many of the fashion businesses in this area, we used to only sell wholesale, but now it’s around a 50-50 retail and wholesale mix. We sell designer menswear imported from all over the world.

People come to Fonthill Road to buy good quality clothing at competitive prices. It’s amazing how far the reputation of the area travels. I have customers that regularly come in from Manchester, Birmingham and even as a far as Scotland. Sometimes people come in for a pair of socks and leave with a three piece suit and matching shoes, shirt and tie!

Many of our customers come to us to buy something special to wear for a wedding, a birthday party or other celebration. Not everyone knows what they want or what suits them. We’re here to provide expert styling advice and to help people choose the right fabric, the right cut and the right colours for them. It’s the thing I love most about my job – helping people to make good style choices for the big occasions in their lives.

Our strengths lie in the experience we can give to our customers when they come into the shop. We like to take time with them to understand what they want and give a personal service that some of the big chain stores in the West End would find hard to match.

Twenty or thirty years ago, Fonthill Road was a centre for the fashion and textile industry. There have been some ups and downs in the area since then, but I think there’s a lot to be optimistic about now. The mix of new restaurants, bars, the Park Theatre and the promise of new developments including a hotel and cinema means it is increasingly becoming a night time destination.

With more people heading here to enjoy the nightlife, we’ll be on hand to help them choose the right outfit for their big night out!”

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