National Refill Day

  • 04
  • Aug

Reduce plastic pollution, use a reusable bottle and refill on the go.

Lots of cafes and businesses have agreed to allow people to refill their refillable bottles with tap water free of charge.  To find out where they are simply download the refill app or look out for the sticker in the window.

Wednesday 19 June 2019 is National Refill Day so make sure you use your refill bottle then too!

To help celebrate the day and to launch the new drinking fountain at Navigation Square. Islington Council is looking for volunteers to spend half a day on National Refill Day to promote the message to the public and also to get out and about in cafes and restaurants in Archway and beyond to encourage businesses to sign up to the refill app. Book your place here.

Every time someone refills a bottle rather than throwing a plastic one away we are reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the ocean. Many plastic bottles end up in our oceans and rivers- impacting wildlife. Ten per cent of litter in the Thames is from plastic bottles with the average Londoner using 175 plastic water bottles every year.

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