New Year, new career!

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The new year is well and truly under way and like many others in Islington, you will be feeling the post-Christmas financial blues in your purse or wallet.

It may be 2018 but 2017 bills still need to be paid and the rent will be due soon.  If you are familiar with this scenario and you have been out of employment for a while, you might be feeling less ‘new year buzz’ and more ‘same old, same old’.

Finding work is the number one way to increase your income

This doesn’t have to be the case.  Getting into employment is the number one way to improve your income and Islington Council has a team dedicated to helping residents prepare for employment and to find a role that suits them regardless of their circumstances.  If you get in touch, 2018 could be the year that you transform your life by getting your career started.

Support to find a job whatever your current situation

Many residents who are out of work in Islington find it difficult to land a job because of factors beyond their direct control such as looking after young children or a learning or physical disability.  The team understands these hurdles because they have lots of experience supporting Islington residents into work from a range of starting points.

You may be eligible for free or discounted childcare

Affordable childcare is an issue that many parents raise as a barrier to returning to employment.  In a recent consultation on childcare charges for under-fives in Islington nurseries, one parent remarked that her childcare costs were the same as her housing costs.  However, Islington Council has a comprehensive scheme to subsidise childcare costs for families and the team and their partners work one on one with job seekers to identify affordable, quality childcare options.  If you are worried that childcare will prevent you from finding a job, don’t!  Get in touch with the iWork team to hear about your options.

A disability doesn’t have to prevent you from working

Living with a disability can be challenging but does not mean employment is not an option.  In fact, research shows that meaningful paid work helps to develop a sense of independence and self-confidence.  The team at Islington Council and their partners can support residents with learning or physical disabilities into work experience, training, an apprenticeship or a job by working with local employers to create suitable roles – even if it is only for half a day per week.

It can be a big emotional step to decide you want to get into work this year and it may not be easy.   However, if you get in touch with Islington Council, someone will be there with you every step of the way to support you.

Call:    0207 527 2706


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