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PC Cameron Thorp is the local neighbourhood officer for Islington’s Mildmay ward. He joined the force six months ago and is keen to involve more local people in community policing work.

“There isn’t really such a thing as a typical day,” he says. “I come in and check the emails and overnight reports to see if there are any issues to look out for and follow up. Then typically I go out to meet with people from the council, libraries, and different community groups.

“We might do a weapons sweep in an area. They turn up all sorts of things, from knives to drugs, moped helmets or even power tools. We also look after the long ranging issues in the community.

“Talking to people is my favourite part of the job. You can find out so much more than what you get from a report. Also, we can only do our job if we’ve got the public on board, telling us what’s going on.

“You get to feel quite protective for your area and you want to make sure that residents there get a good service.

“People sometimes wait until they see a police officer to report something, but I would say, don’t wait, get in touch and talk to us to see if we can help.”

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