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Have you made New Year’s resolutions in the past and not been able to keep them? We’ve all done it at one time or another, but there are ways you can set realistic goals and achieve them. We spoke to Islington’s Public Health team about the small changes that can go a long way to helping you feel better and healthier.

Tip 1: Set goals
Think about setting realistic, time specific, achievable goals. Something like, I will walk back from the shops on Saturday instead of taking the bus. And then build on that.

Tip 2: Have a plan
Think about things that may crop up that might stop you progressing, and think about how you would deal with these.

Tip 3: Keep a diary
Write down your activity or food intake. How does it compare to the same the previous week? What small changes do you need to make in your day to help improve?

Tip 4: Get support
It’s easier to succeed when you are not alone. There are lots of free services in Islington to help you make changes to your health, like the Breathe Stop Smoking Service, which helped
Colin (pictured below) stop smoking after 50 years! Well done Colin!!!

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