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There are some fantastic front line staff working in social care in Islington, like Tracy who is making a real difference to vulnerable people’s lives. She loves what she does and we are proud of and grateful to her.

Tracy has two part-time roles in adult social care; as a social worker working at weekends in the Emergency Duty Team and in the social work practice development team during the week.

Tracy said: “There’s lots that I enjoy about working in Adult Social Care. I came into social care over 30 years ago and remain passionate about working with people to support them to lead as independent a life as possible, promoting people’s rights and for them to have a voice and be heard.

“I also value the opportunities I have to work with  a range of professionals and in contributing towards maintaining high standards of social work practice across Islington social care.”

“I’d certainly recommend working in social care. If you value professional integrity, opportunities for professional development, supporting peoples independence and safeguarding from harm , then come and work in social care.”

If you’re interested in working in social care please register at Proud to Care

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