Ready, steady, census

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The census is coming! Census Day is Sunday 21 March 2021.The census is a unique survey that only takes place every 10 years.

It’s really important that you fill in your census questionnaire. The data collected from the survey helps to plan and fund public services for doctors, hospitals, schools, the emergency and council services and more. These things matter to us all.

If you’re a fan of ‘Who do you think you are’ you will know that censuses from the past are used to help people track their ancestors to build a picture of their family tree.  So this year’s census could be used by your great grandchildren one day to find out about you.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) runs the census in England and Wales and is independent from government. Your details are protected by law and information published is always anonymous.

You can fill your questionnaire in online as soon as you get your access code in the post. Find out more at:

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