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Last year, Arlington Square won a record number of awards for its blooms, including ‘Outstanding’ in RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood, Gold medal in London in Bloom’s Best Small Parks and first in Islington In Bloom’s Best Residential Communal Garden.

The garden square is tended by residents and members of the Arlington Association. Over the last six years volunteers have transformed it by digging in more than 50 tonnes of compost and manure and planting over 45,000 bulbs and 150 rose bushes. We spoke to resident and volunteer Gordon McArthur who explained more.

“We decided to enter Islington In Bloom as a community group for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we wanted to demonstrate to our volunteers their hard work and dedication was appreciated and was delivering a public space that was worthy of recognition. Secondly, we thought it was a good way of getting some publicity for Arlington Square so it was better known about around the neighbourhood.


“We were extremely proud all our hard work was formally recognised and that we had achieved a standard that made us the best in the borough.

“More importantly, our community gardening has made us a stronger and more-friendly community. Arlington Square is very much at the heart of our neighbourhood an is a much used and a much loved public park. Neighbours get to know each other, form friendships and learn new skills.”

Gordon’s top tip
“Start small, be persistent, make sure you communicate about what you are doing and be inclusive and welcome everyone.”

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