Recycling and rubbish collections

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Doorstep recycling and refuse collection days are changing early next year to provide a more local, neighbourhood-based service that is more reliable and more efficient.

Everyone whose doorstep recycling and rubbish collection day is changing will get a letter about it early next year. This information will also be available on the recycling pages of the council’s website.

At the moment all of Islington’s recycling and refuse collections start on a Monday in the very north of the borough and the collection rounds move down the borough every day to finish on Friday in the very south. This is changing to provide dedicated rubbish and refuse crews to local ‘neighbourhood’ areas.

Alan, a refuse collector said: “Neighbourhood working will allow me and my crew to really get to know our area and the people we collect from because we’ll see them a lot more. It’ll make it easier and quicker to clear things up if there are any problems as we’ll be close anyway. I’m looking forward to the change.”

This will allow the council to better manage its resources and respond more quickly when the unexpected happens, such as snow or a missed collection, because teams and vehicles will already be working in the neighbourhood.

To check if your collection will change check this link early next year

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