Recycling on the go

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Islington Council has just installed more than 300 new ‘Recycling on the Go’ and litter bins along the A1 and other main roads within the borough.

These bespoke and innovative split bins are unique to Islington. Chris Demetriou, Islington’s Operations Manager, approached a number of bin suppliers to see if they could turn his idea of having transparent panels on each of the recycling sides of the bin into a reality. Wybone who produce litter bins as well other street furniture agreed to manufacture this bin and, after a couple of prototypes, the new bin was finally ready and have now arrived on the streets of Islington.

We hope Islington’s new bin will lead to more people thinking twice before placing non-recyclable waste items such as food, chewing gum or cigarette ends, into the transparent side of the bin.

Chris Demetriou said: “I was really pleased that Wybone were able to manufacture this bin on our behalf and I am confident this simple but innovative bin design with the see-through panels will lead to a change in behaviour from bin users with a reduction of contamination, whilst also increasing recycling rates within the borough.”

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