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H&H oriental food ltd

Oriental Food Ltd is a specialist Chinese and East Asian food and grocery store, offering specialist ingredients, frozen Dimsum, ready meals, and takeaway hot meals. They also have adapted throughout 2020 to include delivery for grocery orders. Pre-lockdown, they also offered Chinese style cooking classes, which have sadly had to stop, and which were a key source of income for the businessThe business has suffered as many overseas students, a key shopper for them, have left Islington for a time.  

This grocery store is doing lots to keep staff and customer safe, including following council’s guidelines, extensive cleaning, putting distancing measures in place, reducing customer waiting time by suggesting that orders are placed beforehand.  

The shop’s owner, Hao Xin, wants all of Islington to “Support local businesses. Why travel when everything you need is a short distance or can be delivered to you quickly?”  

For information on the support available to local businesses, visit: 

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