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Caledonian Pharmacy

A family-oriented and independent business, Caledonian Pharmacy has been operating for 35 years, serving local people of all ages and backgrounds. 

“We were open for extended hours during the lockdown to keep up with the local demand and to make sure we were here for everyone possible. We kept our doors open and made sure our patients received all their meds in time. Furthermore, we maintained deliveries to everyone who required it including those with symptoms who were shielding/in quarantine. 

“Now that lockdown has been lifted, business has relaxed a fair amount, however, the workload is still the same. We always believe in being here for our patients and keeping the level of patient anxiety to a minimum.

“In order to adapt to new safety guidance, we have laid down markers for social distancing. We have a plastic guard for our counters and we sterilise and clean the pharmacy several times a day. We also check patient/customers’ temperature using our infrared thermometers.

“As independent businesses, we have adapted and worked well with our local area as best as we can. We go out of our way to make sure our patients and customers are well looked after. 

“Please continue to look after your local businesses as they are the heart of the community and are a great place to build relationships with local people.” 

For information on the support available to local businesses, visitthe Islington Council website.  

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