Speech, language and communication needs for parents

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If you’re a parent/carer of a young person aged 11 to 18 in Camden or Islington, you can join speech and language therapist Simone Ojei for a session that aims to empower parents and teach them how to approach speech and language issues with their children.

Simone has worked as a speech and language therapist for 18 years and gained her qualification from University College London (UCL).  She has been working for Islington for the past 8 years as the Speech and Language Therapist for Targeted Youth Support and Youth Offending Service. She also works in mainstream primary and secondary schools across the borough.

Simone is a specialist in working with adolescents and with children and young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Needs.  She is an experienced trainer and also delivers lectures on the topic of SEMH to trainee Speech and Language Speech and Language Therapists at UCL.

You can find out more on the Parent’s Voice Forum

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