Stories of support from We are Islington

We are Islington helpline staff deliver parcels

The We are Islington helpline has been running for several weeks now, supporting local vulnerable residents and people in need. Here are three stories of people that have received help.

Staff were called to help a man who is deaf and self-isolating because he had no food or support and requested a food parcel. They talked to him via text message and arranged for a parcel to be delivered to his door. He texted back his thanks saying: “Thank you very much, God bless you.”

An elderly lady who lives alone and is housebound called the helpline to request emergency help with food. Staff feared she had possibly not eaten for several days. She is hard of hearing and said she does not always hear the phone, but staff left her a voicemail and she called back. She was very anxious that when the food arrived she might not hear the doorbell, or she wouldn’t get to the door quickly enough because she relies on crutches to get about. She said she had experienced missing deliveries before, for these reasons. Staff told her to get to the door for exactly 12.30pm and co-ordinated that the food arrived there for her at exactly the right time. She received it and rang the co-ordinator back, very grateful.

The third story is a woman who was referred by her support worker. When staff spoke to her on the phone she was very upset because she had been unable to get out shopping for 10 days. As well as needing food, she was in pain with extreme dermatitis as she had run out of her medicated soap and had developed a very painful skin rash. Staff went shopping for the items and delivered them to her home.

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