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  • May

With Islington’s Market Trader of the Year competition well underway, we talk to Parris Langridge, the council’s new Markets Development Officer, about his job and how markets have been part of his family for generations.

“Markets are an incredibly important part of Islington life and our vision is to support vibrant street markets. My role is to develop the markets, ensuring they are accessible to all residents. They are an important bedrock of a fair, inclusive and thriving economy.”

Parris has worked in markets for many years. He comes from a family of tradespeople with roots in the East End.

He says: “My great-great grandpa Jack was a fishmonger on Roman Road market. Rather than using a horse to take stock to the market, he had a goat drawn cart. They were apparently quite common amongst people who couldn’t afford to keep a horse, but the goats were very temperamental!”

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