Ten tips for a waste free Christmas

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Christmas is a magical time of year, but it can also be one of significant excess and unnecessary waste. Here are some easy to follow tips on how you can make a difference… 

1. Try an alternative to wrapping paper. Brown or plain while standard wrapping paper can look great and be recycled too.

2. Same for cards – recycle all your Christmas cards unless they have glitter on them. Or, save them and use for gift tags next year.

3. Avoid gimmicks – who needs glittery ‘reindeer food’ anyway?

4. Don’t waste any in-date food that you can’t eat. Download the Olio app and arrange a collection.

5. Use up your Christmas leftovers in a tasty pasta or soup. There are lots of recipe ideas online.

6. Remember to stock up on recycling bags and compostable food bags so you don’t run out.

7. Make sure you add a reusable water bottle to your Christmas list!

8. Don’t waste your money on small plastic toy stocking fillers that are entertaining for a short time but soon end up in the bin.

9. If you are having a pre- or post-Christmas clear out, donate all your unwanted items to local charity shops.

10. Recycle your real Christmas tree. Remove all decorations and leave on the edge of your property along with your regular green waste on your Christmas collection day. Full details at www.islington.gov.uk/christmas. Residents’ trees will be collected on council estates on 11 and 18 January. Or if you live in a flat above a shop, leave it at your normal rubbish collection point from 6 January.

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