The Hive foodbank: supporting those in need

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The power of local people is helping the Hive foodbank meet increased demand because of the Covid-19 crisis.

The weekly foodbank at St Mary Hornsey Rise is distributing four times the number of food parcels to residents in need.

Volunteers are sorting and packing donated food items, giving out parcels from the church as well delivering some to vulnerable residents. They are being supported by community groups like Elthorne Pride, and until recently were relying completely on food donated by individuals.

Rev Tamsin Merchant said: “I think it’s amazing the way people are offering help. We’ve been bold in talking about our need on social media. Putting a shout out on a local page and suddenly we’re getting people phoning up or bringing food.

“Until a week ago we had been relying on donations from local people. The power of local people bringing food has helped us give out food parcels to many local households in need.

“It’s amazing the way the community has responded.”

Around 50 local people have donated food, and Archway Aldi has given the food bank permission to buy items at larger quantities to satisfy demand, so instead of three milks they can buy 30.

Rory, a member of a local mutual aid group, has also started @socialcoffeeshop on Instagram to raise money for the food bank.

The idea is for a person to meet 3 friends at the virtual coffee shop for a chat. You make your own coffee at home, but donate £10 (what you would have spent on coffee) and Rory uses that money to buy food. So far, he’s donated food for 10-15 households.

Find out more at the Hive website.

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