’Tis the season to shop local

owners of the Sunflour Bakery

Step out from any number of excellent transport links in the great borough of Islington and your senses will be immediately, and delightfully, swarmed.

Vibrant and seasonal colours parade the shop windows of various independent clothing boutiques. Is that fresh bread? Oh, yes, the artisanal bakery is just across the way. Look, a vintage store with home goods you haven’t seen anywhere else – including online. A minor downside is that it may take some time deciding what to have for lunch, as there are oodles of delicious international cuisines on offer.

These are just some of reasons why shopping in Islington is such an enjoyable experience. Go on then, here’s a few more:

  • You will save money travelling
  • Get those steps in! Work off that satisfying lunch by taking in the sights, walking and exploring the borough.
  • Help boost the local economy – every pound spent at an independent business contributes three times more money in the local economy than if you spent it in a shopping mall.
  • Local business owners have roots in the community, just like you, and tend to make the most of that. For example, many restaurant head chefs will seek out local ingredient suppliers, so that their menu gives a true reflection of the local area.
  • Locally owned businesses create more jobs in the community, as they often use other local businesses such as printers, accountants, lawyers and so on. They are also more likely to employ local people.
  • Shopping locally is generally better for the environment, helping to cut transportation and in turn, air pollution as well as packaging . Your items are much less likely to come individually wrapped in plastic bags than if you were to order off the internet!
  • Small business owners are more likely to go above and beyond for their customers because they are personally invested in their business.
  • You can visit the My Virtual Neighbourhood website and access a directory of the many small independent businesses that you might like to visit or order from – and add your favourite business if it’s not already there.

So, before you make plans for a 30-plus minute trek to meet a friend at a giant glass and concrete block that has more chains than A Christmas Carol’s Jacob Marley, take a moment. Pause. Tell them to come over and take in an authentic and rewarding shopping experience. When the day is done, they’ll thank you for it, promise.

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