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FoodCycle are a national charity that runs community projects across the UK, turning surplus food into tasty meals for those in need.

Their Islington hub based at the Southwood Smith Centre is recruiting volunteers to become project leaders. We spoke to CEO Mary McGrath about what it takes to be part of the team.

“FoodCycle builds communities through providing a three course meal for those in poverty and isolation. Every week, we rescue surplus food from supermarkets and stores across the country. Our fantastic volunteers then cook it into a three course meal, in a ready, steady, cook style!

“We have one main goal, and that’s to make really delicious food for our guests. Our volunteers really have to think on their feet and say ‘I’ve got all this surplus food – what am I gonna do with it?!’ It’s enormous fun.”

The Islington Hub is open every Wednesday from 1pm at the Southwood Smith Centre in N1. The hub partners with local charity Islington Mind and provides an open space for guests in need of mental health support to come forward. FoodCycle are looking for friendly volunteers to help prepare meals for up to 30 people and no previous cooking experience is required.

“We’re also recruiting volunteers to become project leaders, making up a committee that meet on a regular basis. Each leader takes on a specific responsibility, such as community outreach or fundraising, and facilitates the weekly running of the hub.

“Being a project leader is a great opportunity, giving you the opportunity to develop your teamwork, self-esteem, social and leadership skills. We’ll also ask you to go on a level 2 food safety training course.”

Hub leaders are expected to commit to a project for at least 6-9 months. No specific experience is required but being a good listener, team member and understanding that guests are in need are important values to hold.

“And most important”, says Mary, “is being able to put on a great friendly smile!”

Fancy getting involved? Join FoodCycle Islington’s team of Project Leaders by emailing Robyn

For more information, visit the Islington Hub website

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