Using tech to keep Islington clean

  • 22
  • Feb

Islington Council is piloting a number of new technologies to improve its services. These innovative pilots include using sensors in bins to make communal recycling collections more efficient, using smart phones to improve the parks service, a new app that tells you which days your recycling and rubbish are collected, and piloting electric street sweepers.

The council is now monitoring 450 communal recycling bins using sensors to detect how full they are. The sensors indicate when the bin is full and needs to be emptied. This should help make sure they are only emptied when needed, and teams can get to them before they overflow. This makes for a more tailored service for the public that improves the environment and is also more cost-effective.

The parks team is also embracing modern technology to improve its service. Staff are now using smart phones to monitor all our sites to make sure tasks such as grass cutting and cleansing are completed.

Also recently launched is the @home app which tells you when your recycling and rubbish collections are due, and is available for download.

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