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As Love Your Local Market 2019 comes to a close, we highlight our final street trader. A born and bred Islingtonian who needs no introduction…

Fruit and veg legend Dave started out in Chapel Market when he was 12 years-old. He’s 62 now.

“I come from a big family and we didn’t have a lot of money, so I went out and got a Saturday job on a fruit and veg stall,” he says. “I was still quite young, about 19, when I got my own stall. I took over the stall I was working for, so it went on from there.

“It’s a thing for me. I’ve always loved fruit. His favourite though is one that earns a lot of money, he jokes.

“I like the summer because you’ve got so many nice fruits. When I first started it was mainly local produce because of the transportation. You get a lot of produce coming over a lot quicker now and from faraway places, which is good, but it does away with the seasons. When I was a child you had strawberries from May to August, now you get them 12 months of the year.

“Every day is a funny story. We just have a laugh. My stall is like my stage and I’m an actor. People come to it and I tell them jokes, they confide in me, I’m like an agony aunt, I’m a friend, I’m everything. It’s nice being part of the community and being known as part of the community.

“The atmosphere of Chapel Market is my favourite thing. It’s the hub of the community. It’s always been the place to meet people. And the amount of people you still see now, the old girls come up and they meet every day, or on a Saturday they have a cup of coffee together and they walk up and down, do a bit of shopping.

“I try and buy a nice bit of stuff and I think the greatest thing is, if I’ve served someone and they walk away with some goods and they are happy, they’re laughing. To me, it makes it worthwhile.”

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Love Your Local Market 2019 is taking place from 17-23 May with the theme ‘markets close to your heart’.

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