We love our markets: Kalpesh Madhawani

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During Love Your Local Market, from 17-23 May, we highlight some of our fabulous street traders. Meet Kalpesh…

Kalpesh is the man to go and see in Chapel Market if you need phone or computer accessories. He has had his stall for nearly eight years and loves working outside in the community.

“I like my work. You see so many people around,” he says. “It’s a bit difficult in the winter, but I’m used to that now. When I go to a shopping mall I feel suffocated. I want to go outside and see people.

“I like Chapel Market because there are so many local people walking around. It’s nice being out in the weather.”

Kalpesh got into street trading from his parents who were traders in India.

“I started in Chapel market just working one day a week and I liked it. I worked for a year and then I started myself.”

And his advice for someone considering becoming a street trader. “It’s about the interest. If the person is interested in what they are selling, they will find themselves happy here.”

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Love Your Local Market 2019 is taking place from 17-23 May with the theme ‘markets close to your heart’.

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