We love our markets: Manisha Patel

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We love Islington’s markets. They are hubs of our communities and a great place to meet people and shop. During Love Your Local Market, from 17-23 May, we highlight some of our fabulous street traders. Meet Manisha…

Manisha is the culinary creative behind Karuna, an Indian street food stall in Whitecross Street.

“I’ve worked here for 10 years. I like this market, it’s busy all the time. The other traders are very friendly,” she says.

Cooking is her hobby and she devises all the recipes for the curries.

“Indian spice is the secret, but it’s my secret recipe and I never give it to anyone,” she jokes.

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Love Your Local Market 2019 is taking place from 17-23 May with the theme ‘markets close to your heart’.

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