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We love Islington’s markets. They are hubs of our communities and a great place to meet people and shop. During Love Your Local Market, from 17-23 May, we highlight some of our fabulous street traders. Meet Melek…

Melek is one of the few non-food traders at Whitecross Street. She has had her jewellery stall here for seven years and also has a pitch on Saturdays at Chapel Market.

“I decided that I wanted to work for myself and the easy option was the market. Just by coincidence there was availability here. I just started. Because I’m none food they didn’t think I would last this long!

“Once I started working with jewellery at a job in Hatton Garden I was like, I’ve got to do this. I’ve become more interested over time and have done a few courses and I’ve learned a lot about making pieces.

“I’m more into stones, natural stones and making pieces and my skills have improved more and more. Hopefully I’ll be doing my gemology qualification this year. It is about the terminology of the stones – to find out the fakes, more of the science part of the jewellery business. I can tell now if it’s fake or real, but obviously when you are qualified that takes your skills to a completely different level.

“I like the atmosphere of Whitecross Street. I like the hours, everything really. It’s fun, short and sweet and the customers are really nice.”

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Love Your Local Market 2019 is taking place from 17-23 May with the theme ‘markets close to your heart’.

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