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We asked for your stories of community kindness and were delighted to receive this email from Eve, who has been baking cakes and giving them away to her friends and neighbours across her community. Read her story below:

Hello, my name is Eve and I am 10 years-old. I live in a purpose built block of flats in north Islington.

My mum is a full-time working mum who loves baking. Her name is Laetitia and in normal circumstances she would not have time to do her hobbies as she works and travels a lot!

I help her bake lots of different types of cakes, including chocolate fondants, lemon drizzle, scones, cupcakes, blueberry and almond cakes, fruit tarts, and fraisiers.

We have given the cakes to every neighbour in our building, being aware of allergies for a number of them. Some of my friends live nearby and we also delivered cakes to them too. Even though we give cakes we still follow the rules of lockdown by staying more than 2 metres away. We also ask people if they need anything from the shops as some are elderly neighbours and don’t go out much.

Thanks to lockdown my mum has liked baking even more and she is very passionate about it, she received a lot of compliments and I have to say her cakes are amazing! She is even thinking about trying and applying for the Great British bake off!

Since the lockdown we have had a great interaction with our neighbours and every one helps making these challenging times more enjoyable! One of our neighbours also started decorating their entrance with fresh flowers every week!

I feel there is a greater sense of community than before coronavirus, people seem friendlier with genuine willingness to help each other.

Eve, London N6

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