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Throughout July, we are highlighting the work Islington Council are doing to build new councils homes for Islington residents who need them most. Miss Muchanyuka is one of many Islington residents to benefit from the borough’s new council homes.

This is what she told us her new home means to her and her family…

“I’ve been living in the Caledonian area with my three grown up children for about six years now, just a few yards from our new home.

“I didn’t want to move because my house wasn’t a good home, it was a good home and I liked where I lived. I had to think about my family though and what was best for all of us.

“I have an autistic son with learning difficulties and our new home provides a much more comfortable and well structured environment for him. The layout of my new home is better suited to our needs. We now have all four bedrooms upstairs, rather than one on the ground floor, which makes a big difference to us all.”

By 2022 Islington Council aims to have built 550 new council homes – providing much needed homes for local residents. Find out about the council’s new build schemes on the council website.

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