Islington’s Safe Haven scheme Copy

  • 24
  • Sep

If you ever feel unwell or worried for your safety when out and about in Islington, there are a number of Safe Havens in the borough that will be able to help you.

Safe Havens are local businesses that want to help make Islington a safer place for all. They include shops, cafes, pubs, libraries and other places of interest where staff are more than happy to give you advice or help if needed, no matter how big or small it may be!

Bekim Koraci, manager of Happening Bagel Bakery in Finsbury Park, said: “We wanted to be a part of this scheme to help people – mainly young people who may find themselves in dangerous situations.”

Remy Cullinan, chair of the Islington LGBT Forum, said: “A welcoming, safe environment can sometimes be hard to come by for factions of the LGBT community, so the Safe Haven scheme is a welcome initiative that is essential to the promotion of inclusion.”

She continued: “With many unfortunate incidences of hate crimes, knowing that there are places that will protect and help our community, including some of our most vulnerable community members is amazing.”

We currently have 67 sites dotted across the borough – look out for ‘Safe Haven’ stickers displayed in windows to see who’s involved or find a full list of Safe Havens here.

Find out more about the Safe Haven scheme here.