City Nature Challenge needs you!

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From Friday 26th April to Monday 29th April, people in over 160 cities around the world are going into their parks and green spaces to spot and record wildlife to see which city has the most nature and the most nature-loving citizens.

City Nature Challenge started in 2016 as a competition between San Francisco and Los Angeles, as a fun way to hold a citizen science event around urban biodiversity. By getting lots of people involved in recording nature sightings, conservationists can collect vital data on urban nature. The Challenge became an international event in 2018, and London took part for the first time with a huge event at Hyde Park organized by the Natural History Museum and the Royal Parks.

Pictures of wildlife are taken with smartphones using the free iNaturalist App which can also be downloaded to computers. This collects the data for every city.

This year, the event is even bigger with cities on 7 continents taking part. You can help London win! Find out more about the various events happening and how to get involved here.

Islington has our own City Nature Challenge event at Gillespie Park. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s for families, adults, young people, everyone! And it will help us record all the amazing wildlife in our largest nature reserve.

City Nature Challenge: Newts and Nettles – the Great Gillespie Investigation

Join us at Gillespie Park to find out what’s living in our pond, and how many plants we can spot in our meadow and woodland. Bring your phone – we’ll use the free iNaturalist App to record our finds. You can *free* book tickets here.

When: Sunday 28th April 2pm-4pm

Where: Islington Ecology Centre and Gillespie Park, 191 Drayton Park N5 1PH

For more information: 020 7527 4374

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