Faith under fire

Union Chapel interior, lit by candles

Union Chapel explores faith and persecution in a series of events: 22 February–7 April

Ash Wednesday: an evening of discussion, music and poetry

Wednesday 22 February, 7–9pm (doors open 6.30pm)

Kick off Lent with an evening of reflection with journalist Julia Bicknell, a leading commentator on the global treatment of people of faith, and Cllr Ernestas Jegorovas-Armstrong. Discussion will centre on the challenges people of faith face and justice concerns people of faith may want to be aware of and act on. There’ll also be music from Afghani rabab player Milad Yousafi and poetry from Lynsey Murrell.

If you are curious about what is going on in the world, anxious that we seem to be powerless in the face of injustice or are a person of faith who feels alienated from the values of our society, this event is for you.

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Meeting badass believers

Wednesday 1 March, 7–9pm (doors open 6.30pm)

The idea of a ‘badass believer’ comes from the book Decolonising Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers by Miguel de la Torres, which explores the modern-day relevance of sainthood. In this event, we’ll hear from three people who live out the faith – or three ‘badass believers’: refugee and migrant activist, church warden and Green Party candidate Bethan Lant; priest Venessa Easton; and Augustine Tanner Ihm, an Anglican vicar who went through conversion therapy and is outspoken on LGBTQ+ rights and racism in the church.

The evening will include a ‘gong meditation’ led by Cathy Eastburn.

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Voices of change

Wednesday 8 March, 7 (doors open at 6.30pm)

We see problems in the world, we want to act – but where to start? How do we bring about God’s kingdom on earth by struggling for justice and peace?

Hear from changemakers Shanon Shah of Faith for the Climate Network, and Nazek Ramadan, chief executive and founder of Migrant Voice, followed by music from Jengen Hussain.

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Believers without borders

Wednesday 15 March, 7–Xpm

Hear the stories of Hong Kong dissident Pastor Hoi Hing Chan and the African Rainbow Family LGBT+ support group in this discussion on inter-faith understandings of resistance and persecution. With music from Kirinpal Singh.

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A manifesto for badass believers

Wednesday 22 March, 7–Xpm

An interactive workshop bringing together participants’ learning and thinking on how we can act better for justice and faith. This is a space for conversations about justice and change – and promises to be a lot of fun!

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King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis

Wednesday 29 March, 6.30–9.30pm (doors open at 6pm)

A screening of the rarely-seen documentary by master director Sydney Lumet (12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, Serpico), co-directed and co-produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

This immersive film traces Martin Luther King’s life and accomplishments, from the 1955 bus boycott to his 1968 assassination, tracking it as does the full 13 years of Dr King’s work.

This screening will take place in the Union Chapel Bar. The bar will be open during this event.

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