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With more of us turning to gardening it’s a great time to start home composting. It’s easy to do and produces a nutrient rich compost that will encourage a healthy crop of vegetables or beautiful flowers.

Not only is it environmentally friendly but you will really help reduce your waste and the pressure on our stretched collection services during these unprecedented times.

Islington residents can get subsidised compost bins and wormeries from Getcomposting:

However there are lots of guides on the internet which show how to build your own compost bins: (If you use old pallets check that they are heat treated only and have not been chemically treated which would unsafe for gardening).

Here is an easy step by step guide about how to set up and use a compost bin and where and how to use the compost.

Jean, a recycling officer and Islington resident, gave this tip: “Remember to have a balance of greens and browns in your compost bin.”

Too dry and not breaking down? Add more greens.

To wet and mushy? Add more browns.

Greens are: grass clippings, uncooked fruit and veg peelings, garden pruning’s, spent bedding plants.

Browns are: scrunched up paper, egg boxes, loo roll tubes, fallen leaves, cardboard, straw, small twigs.

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