In conversation with a young entrepreneur

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  • Aug

Vanessa Sam is a remarkable 14 year old challenging stereotypes of how young people are seen. An established author, YouTuber and motivational speaker, Inspiring Vanessa as she is more widely known, uses her platforms to uplift young people to love themselves, excel and live a fulfilling life.

With a 19.5K strong army of Instagram followers, Vanessa uses her social media influence to highlight issues affecting young people such as self-love, mental health and resilience. After her recent interview with the infamous Britain’s got talent Panellist, and children’s Author David Williams, it seems we can expect to hear much more from Vanessa Sam. 

Tune in to hear the acclaimed children’s confidence coach in discussion with a panel of young people about issues affecting them. Register here for free tickets to this exciting online event on Friday 14 May at 2PM.

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