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Islington4Women are a local women’s group who are on a mission to make Islington a better place for all women and to create “a place where women are comfortable, supported, encouraged, empowered and inspired.” The group is organising a series of local neighbourhood walks, which are a great opportunity to come together, and walk and talk and meet new people.

The next walk will be on Wednesday 16 June 2021 at 5.30pm. You can meet the group at Ironmonger Row Baths, 1 Norman Street, London EC1V 3AA. Expect fun impromptu performances and creative activities by young women from B Creative arts activism project and artists Cecilia Knapp and Francesca Beard!

Upcoming walks:
WALK #3: 21 July 2021 with Manor Gardens
WALK #4: 18 August 2021 with MEWSO & The Finsbury Park Women’s Network
WALK #5: 15 September 2021 with Holloway Neighbourhood Group
WALK #6: 20 October 2021 with Islington Play Association

To keep in touch with Islington4Women follow or DM us on: Instagram @islington4women, Twitter: @islington4women, Email:

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