Make a mandala in vegetables

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Join Melissa this Thursday 30 April at 3pm on Zoom to make a mandala in vegetables!

Melissa Fry is a London-based artist with a passion for collaboration, participatory art and creativity. She’s an experienced workshop leader who works with people of all ages and abilities.  Melissa started her social enterprise, Engage Here, to bring creative workshops to people who have dementia in care homes. Now that social distancing measures are in place, she is putting on free classes on Zoom for anyone wanting to get creative and work with their hands.

London-based artist, Melissa Fry

To join Melissa this Thursday at 3pm on Zoom, email If you need help to navigate Zoom, please call Sara on 07949154297 or email her –

What is a mandala? A mandala symbolises wholeness and can be seen as an example of the compass to the map of life. A mandala is both the microcosm and the macrocosm of the universe – we are all part of its intricate design which can be seen in nature everywhere. Creating a mandala is therapeutic. It can be used as a vehicle to explore food, art, waste, wellness, sustainability, science, spirituality, and our existence in relation to the planet and each other.

You can easily access mandala making from home by using veggies and fruit – or anything else that you may have in your home. Participants will be encouraged to upload creative photos of their creations to our online platform.

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