A gift of community kindness

Flowers from Sunnyside's #gardeninyourflat project

Sunnyside Community Gardens is spreading cheer on the Elthorne Estate by giving a gift of a free houseplant to residents who are stuck at home self-isolating because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

They are just one of the many organisations, charities and businesses across the borough that are pulling together to support the most vulnerable people in the Islington community.

Manager Anna Portch said: “With so many people stuck at home Elthorne Pride had the lovely idea of bringing a bit of Sunnyside Community Gardens to the community whilst they were at home.

“House plants grown by Sunnyside Community Gardens’ volunteers were delivered to residents of Elthorne Estate who are self-isolating over the next few weeks. This is so that they can be part of Sunnyside’s ##gardeninyourflat project and have a lovely houseplant to look after.

“Sunnyside volunteer Jasmine beautifully wrapped the plants so that they felt like a gift for those who received them.

“Sunnyside is encouraging local residents stuck at home to share pictures of their house plants and “mini-gardens” on social media, so that we can create a virtual Sunnyside for everyone indoors to enjoy. You can see pictures of lots of lovely houseplants on the Sunnyside website.”

If you have a story of kindness that you would like to tell us about, email islingtonlife@islington.gov.uk or share a post on social media and tag @islingtonlife on Twitter or Facebook and we will share it.

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