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Local recycling champion Chris Radway shares his tips on how we can all do our bit to make Islington cleaner and greener

Everyone can do something to help reduce their carbon footprint and live greener – including recycling more. The council has recruited 70 residents as ‘recycling champions’ to help spread the word.

One such recycling champion is Chris Radway. “There’s a lot we as residents can do,” he says. “Minimising waste and recycling can contribute hugely.” His advice is to remember the three ‘Rs’ of waste: reduce, reuse, recycle – “in that order”.  This means reducing the amount of waste produced in the first place, including packaging and food; reusing or refilling packaging as often as possible; and recyling what we can’t reuse or refill.

“We’re not recycling nearly enough – everybody needs to do what they can to reduce the amount that’s put in the residual waste bin,” he continues. “Sometimes a little thought is needed, but it’s very satisfying knowing you’re doing your bit.”

Chris’ top tips
— Take your own bags with you when you go shopping, rather than buying plastic carrier bags each time.
— Use refillable containers where possible: look out for shops that sell products via refill stations, or sign up for things like milk deliveries which deliver milk and juice in glass bottles and collect
the empties.
— Check the label: look out for the green recycling symbol for materials that can easily be recycled and choose products in packaging made with recycled materials.
— ‘Soft plastics’ such as bread bags can now be recycled at many supermarkets. Next time you shop just ask where the soft plastics recycling point is.
— Buy food produced in Britain where you can, to cut down on food miles – that is, the amount of fuel used to get it from grower or producer to shop.
— Use and eat produce in the order you bought it.
— Try to be exact when it comes to cooking quantities. Eat leftovers the next day or freeze them.

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