Best parks for… autumn walks

A walkway covered in leaves and surrounded by green and yellow trees

Autumn is a beautiful time of year for trees, with leaves turning from green through to yellow, orange, red and brown and everything in between. We are lucky enough to have some incredible natural spaces in Islington where you can observe the changing seasons and reap the health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature, for free. These are some of our top spots

Gillespie Park

Islington’s largest nature reserve is home to diverse wildlife, as well as woodland, pond and meadow areas. Take part in the tree trail to spot native trees including oak, beech and silver birch, as well as Swedish whitebeam, pear and Corsican pine. The trail is free: pick up a guide from the Ecology Centre.

Barnsbury Wood

Did you know that Islington is home to the smallest nature reserve in London? Barnsbury Wood is a hidden woodland and wildlife garden. It was originally a garden for George Thornhill, who built the surrounding houses in the 1890s, when many of the trees in this woodland were planted. It is open to the public every Tuesday 2–4pm.

Parkland Walk

Part of the Parkland Walk, London’s longest linear nature reserve, runs through Islington, along the route of an old railway line. Its trees are set back from the main railway track creating a ‘woodland edge’ type environment which encourages a rich mix of trees, wildlife and plants. A tranquil spot for a relaxed stroll or cycle.

Street trees

We have lots of beautiful street trees in the borough so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled, look up and enjoy the changing colours of the season!

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