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We’re lucky in Islington to have some amazing parks and nature reserves. While it’s great to have a stroll, walk the dog or take kids to the playground, there are also opportunities to get more involved and really make a difference. Volunteering your time, for example, is a brilliant way to gain skills, meet new people, improve your wellbeing and contribute to the upkeep of some of our lovely green spaces. Here are three ways you can get involved, to get you started

Volunteer with our community rangers

The council’s community rangers run regular sessions in Caledonian Park, Whittington Park and Rosemary Gardens. Jobs include planting, pruning, weeding and making bug hotels! No experience is necessary and  all equipment will be provided. Just make sure you’re dressed for the weather!

Join a local Friends of Parks group

Friends of Parks groups are local residents who are interested in improving a specific park, such as Fortune Street, Gillespie Park and Caledonian Park. The Friends meet regularly and work on organising events and activities, gardening or litter picking days, as well as working with the council on how to manage the park and work on improvement projects. If you find that there isn’t a Friends of group for your local park, why not set one up? The council can assist you in doing this. Whittington Park Community Association is also always after volunteers.

Join an organised activity or event

Don’t want to get involved in this way? There’s a huge range of free activities and events for you to get involved in across Islington – from regular guided walks and fitness classes, to knit and natter social groups. Come along and join in!

To find out more about volunteering, Friends groups and activities in Islington parks, visit the council website.

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