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Child with face paint and hand henna holding her hand up to her face

Year in, year out, local mosques help their local communities. Whether it’s providing support during the pandemic, opening foodbanks, donating to hospitals, or supporting refugees, mosques do so much – Finsbury Park Mosque is no exception. The centre of the local Muslim community, as well as being a primary place of worship and religious services, the mosque also works to promote understanding, dialogue and community cohesion. To mark Islamophobia Awareness Month, we spoke with chair Mohammed Kozbar about what they’ve done to welcome Afghan refugees to Islington  

“We’ve welcomed hundreds of Afghan refugees,” says Mohammed. “They have visited our centre for the daily prayers, Friday prayers and also for other community activities.” 

In August, the mosque welcomed refugees to Islington with a social gathering. More than 50 refugee families, mainly children, enjoyed a day in the mosque and received a warm welcome from staff and volunteers. 

Guests enjoyed food and drinks as well as face painting, henna activities, colouring and a game of table tennis. A roundtable discussion was also held to talk about life in London and the local area, schools, shops and the things that matter to them. Gifts, clothes and toys were also given. 

“We helped refugees by introducing them to the local community and inviting them to join different activities, including spiritual and educational events and sports. The aim is to help them, and their families integrate into life in Islington as soon as possible,” Mohammed continues. We have seen many refugees recently from different countries arriving to the area and we try as a community centre to help them as much as we can.” 

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