Elthorne Pride’s Quilt of Hope

Elthorne Pride Xmas Hamper Drop 2020

Elthorne Pride has been committed to ensuring that the sense of community spirit is not lost during these tough times, and has launched its annual Christmas hamper drive and Quilt of Hope to bring some cheer to residents.

Quilts bring comfort and a sense of safety to people and the Elthorne Pride’s Quilt of Hope aims to connect residents from all walks of life together, who for one reason or another had become isolated as a result of the pandemic.

Elthorne Pride commissioned local artist, Josh Moseley (The Bomb Factory Foundation), to design the virtual Quilt of Hope. It is made up of multiple images of Elthorne Pride’s community events, volunteers, Covid-19 activities, local residents and places symbolised to evoke hope, resilience and inspiration.

The Quilt of Hope was revealed on 7 December at the same time as Elthorne’s annual hamper drive which provided care hampers to residents in the Elthorne Pride community.

Sandi Phillips, Chair of EPPB, said: “We were so proud to launch our Quilt of Hope simultaneously with our annual hamper drive this year in the midst of the pandemic. By combining the two we wanted to show our support to the community throughout these challenging times and hope that images capture for the virtual Quilt of Hope and our hampers bring some festive joy this year!”

The Virtual Quilt of Hope will be made into a postcard and distributed to the community.

The Quilt of Hope was made possible by funding from Islington Council, Local initiatives Fund and the Local Trust.

Find out more on the Elthorne Pride website

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