Finding the balance – earning a Living Wage

The London Living Wage makes a huge difference to thousands of workers across London, many of whom are work in casual or flexible roles.

London Metropolitan University is one of the many employers that supports Islington’s Living Wage Place campaign and has committed to treating its staff fairly, by paying at least the London Living Wage.

Matthew Prestage is a student and social media ambassador for the university. We asked Matthew how getting paid the Living wage has helped him:

“I work a flexible role which works really well with my studies. If I have a really busy period, especially around exams, I can dial back my hours, then ramp them up when I’m less busy. I wouldn’t be able to dial back my hours during the busy times if I didn’t have a Living Wage to fall back on, so it couples really well with the fact that I am a student.

“Being paid the London Living Wage means there’s a great deal of peace of mind. Living in London can be quite expensive between looking after yourself, rent, and all the other associated costs. Pandemic-aside, the London living wage means I can enjoy all the best aspects of living in London, without having to worry too much about money.”

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