Food Waste Action Week top tips

Islington’s Recycling Champion Kei

It’s Food Waste Action Week and we approached one of Islington’s Recycling Champions, Kei, asking her why she thought reducing waste was important and for some of her favourite tips.

“If supermarkets were to sell you ‘30% less’ in produce but for the same price, you’d think that’s ludicrous,” Kei says. “Yet, on average households throw away 30% of what they purchase.

“Living in London means that we’re steps away from all the conveniences – one being food. It’s a luxury that can sometimes be misplaced.

“Here is how my family of four is making the best of our food, our pockets, and helping planet. By sharing, we hope to inspire others on how to avoid wasting valuable food.

1) Be nosey when looking for food

Each time, when visiting the fridge and cupboards, nosey around and see what else is there. This is great for spicing up a dish or using up something that might be going off sooner than what was initially planned to eat.

2) Buy what you need, one of what you want, and don’t give into temptation

Having a better knowledge of what is at home allows for more decisive shopping of what is needed. Limit to one ‘want’ item for each household member per shop, which makes us treasure that treat. Commercial produce will try to tempt us to buy more than we need, but don’t give in!

3) Make the freezer your friend

Buying larger quantities can save money, but make sure that these are items that has a long usage date. If not, freeze it like fresh meat, fish, and batch cooked meals.

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