Four ways to… make it a green Christmas

Close-up of snowflake decoration hanging on a Christmas tree with multi-coloured lights

While many of us are wishing for a white Christmas, we’ll be making ours a green one, with these eco and money-saving tips. Here’s four easy ways to make your festive period planet-friendly

1 Think about your tree

Getting an artificial tree that you can re-use is better for the planet. If you do end up getting a real tree, make sure you recycle it through the council.

Visit the Islington Council website for information on tree recycling, plus bin collection changes over Christmas.

2 Switch to LED lights

Did you know that LED lights use around 80 percent less energy than traditional Christmas lights – and are therefore cheaper to run?

3 Shop local

Shopping locally means your gifts won’t have travelled halfway around the world to get to you. It also supports fantastic, independent businesses!

Check out the IslingtonLife guide to shopping locally, for inspiration on where to head for what.

4 Help fight food waste

Made too much food? Don’t chuck it, give it away! Contact your local food hub to see if they have any use for it, or try food waste app Olio and let neighbours know what you’ve got up for grabs. Check out Too Good To Go for deals and food giveaways from local retailers, too.

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