Gunner get jabbed!

Gunner get jabbed

During the recent mass Covid-19 vaccination event at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, from 25 to 28 June, nearly 9,000 people received a Covid-19 vaccination. That’s an average of one jab being given every 20 seconds while the site was open 12 hours a day!

Championed by Gunnersaurus, Arsenal’s team mascot, everyone who was vaccinated was offered a complimentary stadium tour. Huge thanks to the hundreds of volunteers and staff who helped to make the event possible.

Stephanie and Nick

One couple, Stephanie and Nick got married and then the next day they went down to the Emirates to get their vaccine. Stephanie said, “We saw that the stadium was doing vaccinations and that you could just walk up so we came down and the line was moving really quickly. We just got married yesterday so we thought actually why don’t we just get our second doses and get safe. It was really easy and we got to do it together which was great”. What a unique way to celebrate a marriage!

It’s easy to get the vaccine

If you haven’t had your first or second vaccination yet, there are still plenty of opportunities to do so. For some people it can be tricky to squeeze appointments in between work shifts, childcare and other obligations. However, there are now several walk-in clinics to offer people more flexible options for getting the vaccine.

The Business Design Centre at Angel is currently offering walk-in appointments.

The local NHS website lists places where you can get the jab without an appointment, and it shows which vaccine and which doses are available. Or to make an appointment, book on the NHS booking system or call 119.

Thanks to the volunteers and staff

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