Home and dry


Islington local Jason talks about overcoming personal challenges and how having a place to call home has given him a renewed sense of purpose

I’ve been on the street on and off for the past 16 years. Having my own home, being able to do what I want, when I want, being warm and comfortable – it’s a huge deal. When I was homeless, I’d get something to eat and then straight away, I’d feel the stress. I’d be cold, wet and all I’d be able to think about is, where will I sleep? So it’s been life-changing.

The best thing about it is the safety, the stability. I don’t really go out that much because I love being here.

I met Kevin, a council outreach worker, when I was living under Finsbury Park bridge and then Lily, a Housing First support worker. They’ve been unbelievable. Not only have they helped find me a home, Lily has helped me every step of the way: to attend appointments, at the GP, at the job centre, setting up electricity bills, standing orders, council tax, everything. I can’t thank
her enough.

I only moved in in December and I didn’t know anyone in this area which is great, because I don’t get harassed. I have two real friends that visit me here and I like that. I feel protected.

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