How Kelly found new work in the care sector

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We sat down for a chat with Kelly, a local Islington resident, who always wanted a career in health and social care. She didn’t have any experience and thought this might prevent her from getting her dream job. That is until she saw a job advertised for a care assistant and thought “yes, I can do that!”.

“I had no previous experience, but I decided I’d just give it a try and I went ahead and applied.

“Pauline from the Health and Social Care Resource hub at Islington Council called me regarding my application and put my name down for an interview with for Homedotcare.

“During my interview I explained I had no previous experience in the care field, but I am eager to learn and I do have a keen willingness to help and support people.

“I started off shadowing a lead carer for a few days and was then out on my own. I got to know quite a few clients and built up a professional supportive relationship with them – it gave me such a great sense of an achievement just knowing my time with them has changed their day!

“I was a care worker for a few months before I was asked to become a Field Care Supervisor, it was very reassuring to know my work was valued. I now work in the office a few days a week, complete very detailed assessments with clients, oversee any issues the care workers may come across as well as still seeing clients to complete a care visit.

“I feel very humbled to be given this chance – I am one of those cases that proves unless you try you will never know how far you can get.”


If you are interested in a career in the Health and Social Care sector, you can come along to Islington Council’s virtual Health and Social Care Jobs Fair.

Date: Wednesday 21 October

Time: 2 – 7pm

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