Islington together: Zoriick

In a series of interviews, we capture the diverse experiences of the people of Islington and how together, we’re tackling inequality at the root. This time: Zoriick, an Islington resident who is back on his feet after a period of homelessness

Sadly, like many others during Covid-19, in 2019 Zoriick found himself homeless. When Islington Council’s outreach team became aware of the situation, they found Zoriick temporary housing. He’s now happily living in a permanent council flat with his partner, Stella.

“Unless you’ve been through homelessness, you don’t really realise how hard it is. These were tough times. Everything was hard. I’ve lived in various places but in 2019, found myself living rough in a little shed with mould on the walls in Islington.

I was visited by people on the Islington outreach team, who saw the terrible conditions I was living in and got me a place in a shelter in Holloway, with my partner Stella. From there we were moved into temporary emergency housing in Caledonian Road.

Throughout the last couple of years, the Islington outreach team has been brilliant. They spoke to housing for us, explaining our personal histories, illnesses, mental health issues and our housing history and this helped us get offered a council flat. Everything we’ve needed, they’ve been there for us – from helping sort our housing benefit to getting direct debits set-up. They put us in touch with Bright Sparks for furniture, a fridge and an oven. Without them we’d be completely stuck.

When we first saw this place, we loved it. We moved in a couple of months ago and we’re so happy. After being homeless for so long, rough sleeping, it’s really changed my life. I’m so thankful.”

Find out more about how Islington Council is working with its partners and local people to make the borough a more equal place.

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