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Maria Arakie of Connaught Opera on the fictional females who have led the way in changing perceptions of glamorous women – and why Glamorous Night is the perfect concert for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Age UK Islington is hosting a concert from Connaught Opera, a local music charity performing for older people in London. Connaught Opera chair Maria Arakie will be singing a fun medley of songs portraying strong, glamorous women through the ages, in a performance of Glamorous Night. She tells us more the show and how it celebrates women:

In the past hundred years, there has been a change in the way that intelligent, independent and glamorous women in the public eye are perceived. Now, strength can go hand-in-hand with being glamorous. We’ll be featuring some of these famous women and characters in our concert, inspired by fabulous composers such as Noel Coward, Ivor Novello, author of Glamorous Night, which was first a musical and then a film, and Jacques Offenbach, who wrote for sexy and saucy women in his French, light-hearted operettas.

We’ll be singing songs from My Fair Lady, in which lead character Eliza Doolittle proves to be intelligent and resourceful, with a mind of her own. We’ll also be performing music from the 1958 film South Pacific. In this, Nellie Forbush, one of the lead female characters, is determined to fight against social norms and discrimination. At the same time, both dress fabulously!

I am a huge fan of women who successfully combine wearing beautiful, extravagant dresses with bold personalities, which we’ll showcase during our performance. Prepare yourself for lots of costume changes, fun, and a portrayal of what women can achieve – often against the odds.

Glamorous Night will take place on Friday 10 March at 2pm in the Jean Stokes Community Centre, Coatbridge House, Carnoustie Drive, N1. Their musical performance will conclude with a sing-a-long.

There are free places, thanks to funding from the Cripplegate Foundation. Booking is essential and places are limited. To book your spot please call Age UK Islington on 020 7281 6018 or email activities@ageukislington.org.uk

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