Make your polling day plan: what you need to know

A black and brown dog on a lead next to a polling station sign

With the elections for the Mayor of London and London Assembly just one week away, on Thursday, 2 May, now is the time to make your polling day plan!

Every vote counts, and we want everyone to have the opportunity to cast their vote and make their voice heard.

Here are five top tips to help you prepare for election day:

1. Check your local polling station

Before heading out to vote, it’s crucial to know where your local polling station is. We’ve introduced new polling stations in some areas, so make sure you double-check the one you are allocated to.

This can be found on your polling letter or online.

Find your local polling station here.

2. Decide when you’re going to vote

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on election day. This gives you plenty of time to fit in your voting around your work or daily schedule.

Whether you’re an early bird or prefer to vote after work, make sure to leave some time to visit the polling station.

3. Know the candidates

Knowing who is running for Mayor of London and London Assembly in your area will help you make an informed decision.

Enter your postcode on the Electoral Commission website for a full list of candidates standing in your area. Be in the know to make an informed choice.

4. Don’t forget your valid photo ID

To ensure a smooth voting process, remember to bring a valid photo ID with you to the polling station.

This could be a passport, driving license, or any other form of identification listed as acceptable by the UK government.

Take a moment to check that your identification meets the requirements.

Remember you can apply for a free Voter ID certificate up until 5pm Wednesday 24 April online.

5. Snap a pic of you and your pooch

Last but by no means least, why not make voting a fun and memorable experience by snapping a picture with your furry friend outside the polling station?

Join the trend #DogsAtPollingStations and share your voting day moments on social media. Access dogs are allowed inside polling stations, but you might want to bring a pal to mind your pooch when you go in to cast your vote.

Remember, your vote matters, and it’s your chance to have a say in shaping the future of London. Make your polling day plan today!

To stay informed about all the changes to the voting process in Islington, you can visit the dedicated webpage on the Islington Council website.


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