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Islington resident, NHS staff, Covid Health Champion and recipient of the British Empire Medal in HM the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours

I’m Oliur Rahman. I’m 46 years old and I work for the NHS in the security department at St Mary’s, Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals. I’m originally from Bangladesh but have been an Islington resident since 2005. I live here with my wife and two daughters.

I love people and I love to help the community. I have been involved in volunteering for a long time and started when I was in secondary school. I believe that volunteering is the best platform to help the community and I enjoy engaging with new people, friends, families and communities. I always try to learn something from whoever I meet.

During the pandemic I became a Covid Health Champion for Islington and Camden Councils. I helped distribute masks, gloves and hand sanitiser to the general public and generally tried to do my bit. Many people called me a local hero, and this inspired me to do more activities for the community.

The Covid vaccine is so important. It protects me, my family and friends – and others – from becoming seriously ill and I encourage everyone to take up the free vaccine when it is available to them. As a Covid Health Champion, I spoke to many community members and shared factual information and discouraged the spreading of misinformation.

Because of my community volunteering and contribution to the Islington community during Covid-19, I received the British Empire Medal recently in Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours.

I am so very humbled and honoured to have received this award. I always strive – and encourage everyone – to be positive, polite, helpful and respectful of others. I want people to continue to think seriously about the good advice given by our health professionals. We need to support each other to have the correct information and make our community safe, together. As long as I have breath, I will continue to work and support the community I live in and serve.

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